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Buster @ Five again?

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yup yup.

busy week : thursday at HOME, friday at 5, saturday at gua-rapo.

i hope y'all can come to HOME on thursday - i'm scared of what the crowd is going to be like there. although annemiek is really good - i met her in miami over a year ago. spins some banging tribal and progressive beats, so i'm hoping that she will bring some real people out that night as well.

there is a free guestlist - so hit me up if you want to be on it. i'm playing from like 9-12, so it can be an early night.

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Originally posted by spinsaikel

isn't HOME dressy? I would like to check it out I really hate getting dressed up for clubs.

i'll find out if there is a dress code or sumethin that nite. i hope there isnt

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