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Final 4 picks....

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Now that we're down to 16, what are your Final 4 picks?

Gotta change one of my originals (damn Xavier to hell), but here's how I'm going at this point:

Arizona, Syracuse, Marquette (I'm counting on Wade going lights out), and Texas (cuz they're in San Antonio)

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i have kentucky, duke texas and oklahoma

with kentucky and oklahoma

and i picked oklahoma to win (although it will probably be kentucky) but if you are gonna win big, you gotta gamble big , right!? :laugh:

these are my original four.

and actually i am doing ok (as of right now) i have my entire South Bracket intack! :eek: (yes i picked michigan state over UF)

and all but one team intact in the East (butler is the surprise) . yes i picked Auburn over Wake! :D

i always get fuct iin the west and midwest brackets, but like i said i do have all my final four teams alive, plus one other in each bracket.

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