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Clubs in Montreal

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A really fun upscale place is called "time" . It is more like gustavinos , where they have dinner first , then clear the tables and people go nuts.Hot women too. I think waxman plays there once a month.

Aria is cool, but a bit too dark for my taste.

Angel moraes joint "stereo" is the bomb!

I also heard deep dish play at this place called "sona" but it is more like the montreal equivilant of sound factory, if you know what I mean...

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was in montreal last year

vatican was alright, i think i remember one of the bartenders saying she was from nj

sona afterhours- felix the house cat

although the sf reference kinda fits. one of the bests sets i've ever heard. don't know if that was typical music for sona though, might be just felix style. it was only time i heard him

i asked someone if he dj's there a lot. he said if i liked this, i should come check mistress barbara or barbarella, resident i believe at aria (or some place she just went to...maybe stereo)

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