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DESTINATION: the Weekly Massive:

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Proudly Present


Every Saturday night starting April 19th @ The DC Tunnel

Each and every Saturday night, DC Skillz is committed to providing you with the perfect DESTINATION. Week after week, we will assemble for you a diverse line-up of the world's best DJs; celebrate different themes; and sample stunning eye-candy. Whether the backdrop is provided by lasers, projections, dancers, or specially-themed decor, expect your body to move to the pulsating sounds of the greatest selection of electronic dance music while the super-complex intelligent lighting and ultra-crisp bangin' sound system overtake your mind, body and soul. Embrace the fullest from every genre while you enjoy the friendly security and bar staff, as well as different drink specials (alcohol served until 3am). It's time to raise the bar once again.

-10,000 sq ft + wooden dancefloor-


-Several national and international headliners per night representing a multitude of genres-

-Breath-taking lighting shows-

-multiple bars, different levels and rooms to explore-

-pool tables and vendors-

-full service bar with drink specials-

-full service kitchen-

-plenty of parking (although it never hurts to carpool w/ a designated driver :)-



Celebrate with us tonight as we embark on our voyage! On our grand opening, our true Destination is shrouded in mystery and excitement for the possibility of what may be. It is up to all of us together to decide out what that will become. Come enjoy the brand new TurboSound system, the amazing new lighting configuration, and the special tonight-only super laser show courtesy of PAWN. The first 25 brave adventurers to join us will receive FREE ENTRY!

Main Room:

To kick things off we have something special lined up: BT’s Laptop Symphony. Not necessarily a dj set, not exactly a live p.a., this is accurately defined as a “live remix set by BTâ€, something you definitely don’t want to miss! It’s been a while since Angel Alanis has been in our area. His 2001 smash “Do You Like the Way You Feel When You Shake†is still getting caned aggressively, even after being featured on the mix CDs of Darren Emerson, Christian Smith, DJ Dan, Feelgood, and others…tonight you will be given the rare chance to check out his new and upcoming productions aurally assault your ears in the form of one of Angel’s bangin’ DJ sets! Mark Forrest will be representin’ Baltimore tonight with his killer breaks, and this night is also the triple b-day celebration of Skillz djs Cortex and Mugoth (4.18) and Skillz promoter Inna (4.17). Make sure to wish them a happy birthday, and enjoy Cortex’s and Mugoth’s special b-day sets!

BT – “BT’s Laptop Symphonyâ€

(A live remix set by BT)


(www.angelalanis.com / A squared muzik – Chicago / LA)


(DC Skillz / Dilou Records – DC)


(DC Skillz - DC)


(Scratchtraxx – Baltimore, MD)


Destination: Drum'n'Bass. This is the jumpoff right here - on this night we have Moving Fusion representing the Ram sound; Moving Fusion made their debut on Ram with their seminal track 'Deep Minds' on the Sound in Motion LP back in 98. Soon after that they graced us with 'The Beginning' EP, which really put them on the map as a production duo capable of massive dancefloor casualties with

a unique, energetic sound that nobody else could match. Also on the night, we bring you the Stakka from Cargo Recordings. Recently, Stakka has teamed up with Friction, Skinny and K Tee to create the vicious recording entity Militia -watch out when these plates hit the dancefloor. Complete devestation! Finally, we have a DC favorite - the DJ Caz rocking the decks - representing that nasty Ohm sound you all know and love.


(Ram Records – UK)


(Cargo Industries / Underfire – UK)


(Sympty / OhmResistance – DC)


A Special night of live downtempo performance with your hosts:


Arlingtronica: Electronic Music produced in Arlington, Va with the

intentions to defy all barriers and boundaries created by the

classification of music into Genre's.


With live performances by:

The Prophecy Projekt (arlington)

vocal driven live performance of arlingtronica


Robbay (arlington)

absolute mash of genres performed live


The Mountain Man (arlington)



The eerie Area 51 will be tonight’s Destination. We’ll be deckin’ out the Tunnel sci-fi extraterrestrial style (including massive projection screens!), and are providing the perfect soundtrack to match. Pure Detroit techno from the esteemed legend Juan Atkins will be complemented by the dark tribal perfection of desert rave hero John Kelley. Pittsburgh’s Zelch Brothers will be contributing to the madness with their techno and trance tag-team, and DC Skillz’ own DJ Strickt will be laying down one of his signature acidic and trancey hard dance sets.


(MetroPlex Records)


(Moontribe / Nettwerk / Moonshine – LA)


(Twin Productions / Groove – Pittsbrugh)


(DC Skillz – Baltimore, MD)


(Kontrol Phreaks / Nocturnal Productions – PA)


(Kontrol Phreaks / Nocturnal Productions – PA)


Quarantine Takeover. Tonite we are proud to present Matrix and Fierce - two of the hottest producers on the circuit. Representing Virus, Metro and Quarantine Records, these djs are great on their own, but even better together under one roof. If you were lucky enough to catch Matrix' spectacular set on New Years Eve at Sonar - you know what to expect from this man. Nothing but pure funk. Being Optical's younger brother, it’s not hard to find similarities in their styles but Matrix brings his own unique funk to the table. Just check the timeless album "Sleepwalk" out on Metro for a taste of what’s to come. Joining this dynamic duo are two of DC’s favorite masters of the future funk - Impulse and MC Mecha. You know them from the powerful production team Sinthetix; having raised the bar considerably for producers worldwide, Impulse and Sinthetix put Washington DC on the map with their own ruthless breed of neurofunk. Seemingly overnight, Sinthetix became one of the biggest names in drum'n'bass. Tonite, Impulse and Mecha lay down the ultrafunk for the Massive; representing Sinthetix, Subtitles and Renegade Hardware - Impulse is launching his own label Ultraviolet Recordings, including artists Skynet and Kemal with worldwide Distro in the next few months. Dropping the freshest dubs always, watch the dancefloor explode as Impulse rinses out a crate of new material - including upcoming Subtitles releases "Corrupt Souls" and "Trapped." Also on the night is DC's own smooth operator mrn. You know him from his residencies at Act Your Age and Volume. You've seen him mash it up with Eternal and Ransom at previous DC Skillz events. Come see why Matty/mrn has gained worldwide acclaim as one of the most reputable DJs in the dnb game.


(Metro Recordings / Virus – UK)


(Quarantine / Metro Recordings / Virus – UK)


(Renegade Hardware / Subtitles / DSCI4 / OhmResistance – DC)


(Modified / NUCO – DC)


Come experience mixed multimedia installations and an incredible art showcase hosted by Warp Sights & Sounds.

With djs:

James Newton (Tequila Sound, Richmond VA)

Monk E (Warp Productions, DC)

Zeug - LIVE SET ( Cytoplastik, Baltimore)

DoubleO7 (Underground Sound Patrol, KneeDeep, DC)

DJ Witchman (Warp Productions, DC)



What mysteries lie beneath the surface of the sea? The ancient sunken city of Atlantis has always been a source of intrigue. Myth? Legend? Tonight DC Skillz will take you there, with a little help from CyberQuest (and their out-of-this world décor). Be prepared to explore the depths.

Main Room:

Tonight we will be featuring a few revered masters of 4/4. Halo Varga and Hipp-E have individually made quite the name for themselves with their own unique brand of tribal funk, yet together as H-FOUNDATION they are unstoppable! Their production work is in constant rotation on Radio 1, and their records are in most dj’s record cases. But none of that can even come close to the sound and feeling of a live H-Foundation tag-team set. Scott Henry obviously needs no introduction, as most everyone has felt his direct impact on the DC party scene, and as most everyone has danced their ass off to one of his legendary sets. Now DC will be able to experience that magic in the main room of the Tunnel! Also on this night is B-more’s famed DJ Sun bringing the tribal grooves he is famous for, DC’s Deep Itch whose recent signing to Saeed + Palash’s Addictive Records has given them the attention they deserve, and last but not least DC Skillz’ own Ron Delay, a fierce progressive trance warrior whose attention to detail when mixing and selecting tracks is guaranteed to make your body move.



(Soma / Bluem / Champion Sound)


(Soma / Nightshift / Champion Sound)


(Buzz / XM Radio / djscotthenry.com – DC)


(www.dcubedstudios.com / Ultraworld / Kobe – Baltimore, MD)


(State-Side Management / Addictive Records – LowLit Series – DC)


(www.dcskillz.com / Friends Collective – DC)


Architecture. We bring you 2 of the most relentless DJs in drum'n'bass history - Ink and Loxy. With tunes ranging from melodic to downright evil, these guys have made such an imprint on the world of breakbeat over the past few years. The Ink and Loxy discography is top notch, and they always come with an arsenal of heavy dubplate artillery. Having released records for majors like Renegade Hardware, Metalheadz, Cylon, Outbreak and their own label Architecture - you can be sure these guys will kill it with their exclusive selection and impeccable mixing skills. Also on the night we have DC expatriot Submerged representing the Ohm Resitance outta Brooklyn. A long time drum n bass DJ, the Submerged sound incorporates the most twisted aspects of modern drum n bass music, perverted beyond its danceable origins. His collaborations with Impulse (Sinthetix) have been gaining worldwide attention. Watch out for their upcoming release, "Corrupt Souls" - on Teebee's Subtitles label. Also this evening we have DCs own Kiko on the decks. With new releases scheduled on Ohm Resistance, KHz, and Venture, Kiko's productions combine futuristic synthesis with elements of space, and the hard ass breaks that you'd recognize from the Knuckledown sound. A co-founder of DC's original internet DnB radio program PMX_RADIO alongside his good buddy Eternal (also playing tonite), you'll be seeing the name Kiko scrawled in black marker across heavy plates for some time to come.


(Renegade Hardware / Architecture / Metalheadz – UK)


(Cylon / Metalheadz / Renegade Hardware / Architecture – UK)


(DSCI4 / Nerve / Ohm / Shadow Law – DC)


(Ohm Resistance / Subtitles – NYC)


(Act Your Age / PMX Radio / Lemurgene.com – DC)


4 Fly Foxes present a very sexy evening that will transport you back to the ancient times of the East. We invite you to step into our harem world full of eastern atmosphere and divulge in the pleasures you so desire. With a fully decorated room of Beautiful Indian fabrics, plants, lanterns, plush pillows, rugs, hookahs, and incense. Come, sit back, watch the film Baraka on the large screen, and enjoy the sounds of 2 very incredible eastern downtempo dub djs.

ULKEN (Baltimore, Red Maple, www.ulken.net)

Born in Istanbul, influenced by the globe, Ulken is an artist / percussionist /

producer and a dj. Come enjoy his downtempo middle eastern sounds!

Cyzum (Baltimore, East Coast Happy.com)

Jay has traveled to far distances and has been building an impressive eastern record collection over the years. We are excited to finally bring him out and dance to his worldly grooves!



For this night it is our goal to take your mind, body and soul to the birthplace of house music! And who better to guide you on this journey than Bad Boy Bill! Famous for his lighting-fast mixing, amazing turntablism style (most notably his ability to remix a record live with two copies), and the energy he inspires onto a crowd, it’s no wonder that he was recently voted America’s #1 dj in BPM Magazine. Bill is also bringing along fellow Chicago resident Steve Smooth, who’s been on tour with Bill and has several releases out on IHR. Smalls is one of the area’s most distinguished DJs. Having honed his skills through playing out all over the country with nearly 10 years of experience behind the decks, we’re proud to have this amazing talent representing DC. Lexus King is another one of this city’s greats, and we can’t wait to hear the set he’ll be dropping for us in the main room. Cruz has been hard at work pushing EDM down in VA, with a healthy supply of gigs and Destiny, her crew’s weekly Richmond event. Soulkiss has been giving audiences his own special funky brand of house and breaks for over 5 years now, and will represent DC Skillz proper tonight.


(www.badboybill.com / Behind the Decks – Chicago)


(IHR – Chicago)


(Juice Recordings / 00Bliss – DC)


(LuvChild Ent. / Instinctive Grooves – DC)


(DC Skillz – DC)


(Raven Productions / Galactic Entertainment / VA Breakz Crew – VA)


Infra Red. Over the past 10 years J Majik has carved his own niche in the dnb world, pioneering his own progressive disco-influenced madness alongside labelmates Accidental Heroes. From the massive vocal hit 'Love is Not a Game' featuring Kathy Brown, to the ridiculous 'New Generation' currently being caned by top DJs all over the world - be sure not to miss this rare opportunity as he throws down at the DC Tunnel for the Destination Massive. Also on the nite is Baltimore's own Lonnie Fisher of the infamous Ultraworld legacy. Currently owning and operating the highly acclaimed Sonar Lounge in Baltimore, Lonnie has been a strong supporter of drum'n'bass in the DC area - bringing through massive lineups year after year to the various parties.....Sunrise Festival, Starscape, the historical Armory parties - the list goes on!! And you know the man can throw down a scorchin set with all that experience. Hailing from Philadelphia, Advance has been tearing up dancefloors all over the US; with his hard and funky neurofunk style, don't miss the Advance as he turns out the Destination DnB chamber. Rounding out the night we have two of the hottest names in DC Drum'n'Bass. Representing his own Modified label and the recently launched dcdnb.org, Harry Ransom will not disappoint behind the decks. Alongside Ransom we have the Bobby Jae, another one of DCs favorite dnb DJs. An impeccable DJ with tastes ranging from funk to tuff intelligent beats, we are proud to have Bobby Jae represent for us tonite at Destination!


(Infrared Records, UK – www.infraredrecords.co.uk)


(Ultraworld / Sonar – Baltimore, MD)


(Modified / DCDNB.org – DC)


(Koldfront – Philly)



On this very special evening, we present to you an intimate low-lit evening of deep house with one of DC’s most beloved djs:

Tom B. spinning all night long

(www.DjTomB.com, Rhythm and Culture)



Do you like anime? Have you ever wanted to dress up like your favorite anime character or even your own original anime-style character? If so, then tonight is the night for you. We’re having an anime costume contest with a $500 grand prize. We’re also going to have the venue decked out anime-style, AND we’ll be playing all your favorite anime all night!

Main Room:

The beautiful DJ Rap pays DC a visit tonight. Jumping straight from her Twix TV commercial to the massive main room of the tunnel, expect to hear both d’n’b and breakbeat stylings alongside the vocal prowess of MC Armanni. We are pleased to host the CD release party for Dave Aude’s Mixed Live Moonshine compilation, released on March 25th. Dave is a phenomenal producer (assisting with the production efforts from many of Moonshine’s artists) and is a skilled DJ as well. His unique take on house music is sure to give chills. “The Fuzz†is comprised of DJ’s Switchstance and Adegen, two of DC’s most celebrated breakbeat artists. Prepare yourself for a thunderous main room tag-team experience. Oscar Rojas has been making waves in the VA party scene with ActiveX’s recent one-off “Climaxâ€, and their new RVA weekly FUSION. A talented dj, he will open things up with his smooth progressive house. DC Skillz’ Chris Warin will be injecting a much needed hard thump into tonight’s line-up, and as one of DC’s original hard house djs, you can expect a slammin’ set.


(Proper Talent / www.djrap.com - UK)

w/ MC Armanni


(Moonshine Music / www.daveaude.com – LA)

CD RELEASE PARTY! “MIXED LIVE: mixed by Dave Aude†available on Moonshine!


Switchstance vs. Adegen

(oobliss / release djs / DC)


(DC Skillz / Rhythm Republic / DC)


(ActiveX Productions / FUSION – RVA/DC)

Drum’n’Bass Room:

Hip-Step 3000 takeover

Not only is Odi one of the most skillful dj's in the US DnB sceen, he was also a resident at NASA and is still a resident at the now legendary Konkrete Jungle NYC. Posi D is the man when it comes to lyrical flows and together...... just be there!

Ackshun Jackson is DC's underground King that ain't been crowned. His skills are top notch, his tracks are sick, and he rewrote the rules for HipStep style of djing. Machete is one of the founders of LA's insanely awsome drum&bass sceen. He is a bad ass dj and producer that is infamous in LA. He also founded and runs LA's longest running weekly DnB event RESPECT. This is his first preformance in D.C. since 2000 you do not wanna miss him on his return to the east.

Miss Behave & Stylz, Dacapo, and Xidious & mc Energy are just some of D.C.'s newest crop of turntable technicians and lyrical masters. And they are all making big waves in the VA/DC/B-More area. Shadow Man Boogie has been putting out a lot of hip-hop records since SNS's closure. You all should just keep a watch out for him and enjoy his lyrical presence as he host the DnB room for the night. Analog Andy from HipStep3000.com hand selected the line up so give him his props when you see him!

Hosted by:


(Old World Disorder / HipStep 3000 / Junglist League – BMORE MIA)

Featuring DJs:


(Taciturn Records / G-Force / Konkrete Jungle – NYC)


(Hip-Step 3000 / Junglist League / Sunday Night Sessions RIP – VA/DC)


(Cal-Tek Records / Junglist Platoon / RespectDrumandBass.com – LA)


(Vinyl Lab Music Group / Drum’n’Bass Nation –US-Belarus-Toronto)


(Run n Riddum Recordings / 3rd Degree – DC / VA)


And on this night, we finally bring you an evening of eclectic, laid back hip hop and reggae dub that will set the mood just right! If conscious lyrics, raw beats and a bit of vocalizing is what you’re looking for, come check 'em out.

Disciplez of Thought - LIVE performance!

Phil Galanty- Ambassador

Pat Murphy- Ron Karona

Katie Hoffmaster- Eden


[email protected]



Project Mayhem was the original DC Skillz event at the DC Tunnel, and roughly a year later, we’re bringing back that same insane feeling that started it all. As one of America’s premiere touring djs, Micro needs no introduction. And given a superior main room set-up, expect to hear him as you never have before. But that’s only the beginning. After being banned from the US for years, Anabolic Frolic is finally back in our midst. His Moonshine Happy2bHardcore CDs have been some of the highest-selling dj mix CDs in this country. This is an extremely rare performance that should not be missed! Yet Mayhem continues. We’re bringing down Rob Gee (who has played twice before at the Tunnel) and his ENTIRE BAND. Natas Productions’ sets are famed in NYC…get ready to expect the unexpected! Kim Anger is onboard tonight as well with her hot style of Hard Dance. DC Skillz’ iLL-USiON brings his patented Hard-as-hell Dance (he prefers the term “Hardstyleâ€), and fellow Skillz member Dee Jay Holiday will be shaking the dancefloor with his happy hardcore! FEEL THE MAYHEM!


( Caffeine / Moonshine / Surge / www.djmicro.com – NYC)

MY FREQUENCY – mixed by Micro (Surge Recordings)


(Moonshine / Hullabaloo / DAMNDJS.com – Toronto, Canada)


(ADAM Recordings – NYC)



(DC Skillz / raversonly.com – DC)


(DC Skillz – DC)


(Anger Management – DC)


DSCI4. DJ Trace - the Originator of the techstep sound. He did a track with LTJ Bukem over 10 years ago - "Teach Me to Fly". A few years later, he revolutionized the industry with the terrifying "Mutant Revisited" - a remix of T Power's original and seemingly naive "Mutant Jazz". This release defined a genre and set into motion one of the darkest chapters in breakbeat history. Since then, DJ Trace has released a multitude of dancefloor killers under his own DCSI4 label and has toured the world over as one of the most sought after DJs in the international dnb scene. Alongside Trace we have two of DCs longest running DnB selectors - DJ Slant and John Tab. If you don't already know who these two are, you must have just come out from under a big rock somewhere. Of course Slant has been throwing down since the early days of 2Tuff. If youre oldskool, you might remember him from the original Fever battle of the DJs - or at the early 2Tuff parties like Rinse Out at the old Okie St. warehouse. Either way, Slant gets maximum respect around here and he still remains one of the country's tuffest DJs for sure! John Tab is also oldskool; he's been a powerful fixture in the DC scene since the early 90s, and has fought to give drum'n'bass proper representation at Buzz in their final years. Another DC favorite, JT has been a strong supporter of the oldskool breakbeat revival in drum'n'bass recently; come join us as we welcome John to the DC Tunnel one more time. Rounding off the night we have Bryce and Illy MC from Baltimore. Come see why Bryc is quickly becoming known as one of Baltimore's hottest dnb Djs.


(DSCI4 Records / www.dsci4.com – UK)


(www.buzzlife.com / A.L.I.A.S. – DC)


(www.2tuff.com –DC)


(Blended / Sonar / Family – Baltimore)


We are pleased to bring you a very incredible evening of Sonic Social vibe with 2 of your old skool favorites!

DJ LoveGrove (Sonic Soul Productions / Sonar, Baltimore)

Fluid (Sonic Soul Productions / Sonar, Baltimore)

DESTINATION: Every Saturday night @ The DC Tunnel from 9pm-5am

The DC Tunnel

2135 Queens Chapel Rd NE

Washington, DC 20008

$15 b4 11pm

$20 after

-no dress code-

18 to enter

21 to drink

*alcohol served until 3am!


The DC Tunnel is located at:

2135 Queens Chapel Rd. NE

Washington, DC 20008

From Baltimore and points north of DC:

Take 95 South to the Baltimore-Washington Parkway (295)

Take 295 towards Washington

Merge onto 50 West (New York Ave)

Make a right onto Bladensburg Rd.

Make your first left onto Queens Chapel Rd.

The Venue is on your right.

From VA and points South of DC:

Take 95 North to exit 170A (395N) on the left towards Washington

Turn right onto New York Ave (rt. 50)

Turn left onto Bladensburg Rd (at the Checkers)

Make your first right onto Queens Chapel Rd.

The venue is the right

For all other directions go to www.mapquest.com

-Absolutely no illegal substances will be tolerated at this event-


Best Western 202.488.7500

Holiday Inn: 202.737.1200

Marriott: 202.737.2200

Ramada: 202.832.3200


Delta: 1.800.221.1212

United: 1.800.241.6522

Southwest: 1.800.435.9792

US Air: 1.800.428.4322

American: 1.800.433.7300

Continental: 1.800.523.3273

Air Tran: 1.800.247.8726

Jet Blue: 1.800.538.2583


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