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Guest hotshit

Did anyone see that Ecstasy special..

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Guest hotshit

It was on DHC channel it was called the Price of Ecstasy and showed a bunch of e heads and a guy who did a lot of k and eventually died of a heroin overdose. They showed footage of people completely out of their mind. A doctor commented on a story of a girl in London at a house party who took 2 pills of E and died. He says the reason she died was not from the drug at all but she actually overdosed on water. He claimed when the body is on E you hold in water and if your not sweating as in her case were she was just sitting down th brain starts to swell and eventually you slip into a coma and die. Remember that DONT DRINK TOO MUCH WATER UNLESS YOUR REALLY SWEATING BUT DONT DRINK TOO LITTLE.

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