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4 Track ID's (Rampage,Hova,Roc)

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Hi I'm lokin for 4 different songs.

The first is a new Jay-z song. (It's not the Swizz Beats one) I heard it around 1130 last sat. nite if that helps.

The 2nd is by some Rocafella artists. Jazzy Joyce just played it on Hot97 (9:20 friday nite)

The 3rd is the new Freeway song theyve been playin on the radio

The 4th is an OLD song. I think its by Rampage and Busta Rhymes is in it. I think the chorus goes somethin like "You betta run b4 ts toolate.. what. u know we got it locked way outta state.. what" somethin like that. any help is appreciated

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Well, the one I can't help ya with. The second one is probably "How We Do."

As far as the Jay-Z song...ya gotta be a little more specific then just the time and day you heard it. Maybe where or how you heard it would help. HAhaa....sorry. I'm assuming you mean you heard it on Hot 97. The only other newer Jay-Z song I can think of that they play besides Excuse Me and the remix is "The Bounce."

Hope that helps...

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