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Happy 60th Birthday!!!


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:bday:LSD!! :bday:


Trippy birthday

LSD, the hallucinogenic drug that launched a million trips for hippies, was discovered 60 years ago when a Swiss chemist accidentally inhaled a substance that made his bicycle ride home something special.

Albert Hofmann was trying to develop stimulants for the circulatory system in his Sandoz AG lab on April 16, 1943 when he accidentally created LSD from ergot, a common fungus that grows on rye. Thus was born one of the most powerful agents ever to change perceptions of reality, an icon of the 1960s Flower Power movement and the drug of choice for a generation of musicians and writers who rode the psychedelic wave.

Dr Hofmann, now 97 and living near Basel, recalled in a newspaper interview 10 years ago that he had made LSD in his lab that fateful day after discovering it five years before.

"Afterwards on the way home I suddenly had hallucinations, a beautiful and pleasant trip. The only thing was, I could not at first explain what had made me so high," he recalled. Only three days later did he conduct a direct experiment on himself with lysergic acid diethylamide-25. "I took what I then thought to be a very small amount, namely 25 milligrams. Then it all became clear," he said.

Researchers seized on the drug as a tool to probe human consciousness and perhaps shed light on psychoses such as schizophrenia, but it also became an underground cult drug whose illicit use Dr Hofmann came to decry.

Sandoz also isolated the hallucinogen psilocybin from Mexican mushrooms in 1958. It never marketed either drug but distributed them free to research labs and clinics until 1966, when it halted shipments.

"Unfortunately, increasing abuse of hallucinogenic drugs is being noticed of late, especially among young people abroad," it said at the time, blaming sensational media reporting that gave rise to "an unhealthy interest" in mind-bending drugs.

Dr Hofmann always insisted LSD should remain administered only by researchers and psychiatrists because of the danger that people high on the drug could unwittingly do themselves harm.

"The great danger of LSD is that one cannot come to grips with and integrate the shock of being transported into a different reality, that one flips out," he once recalled.

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He discovered this on accident. Could you imagine that? Riding his bike home and "Holy shit!!! bug'n-bug'n-bug'n OUT, bug'n out, bug'n out. I'm fucking looped-D-fucking-looped here?." The bike turns into a boat, you can't feel your feet, or if you can feel your feet, they don't feel like feet.

And his wife, how could he explain the uncontrolled laughing, the desire to drank 12 different fluids at one time? Why am I crawling under the carpet? how did you get on the ceiling? Where did that indian come from? Donkey's do fly~!!

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Originally posted by cookiegirl

...Researchers seized on the drug as a tool to probe human consciousness and perhaps shed light on psychoses such as schizophrenia, but it also became an underground cult drug whose illicit use Dr Hofmann came to decry...

do you know of any research done with lsd in psychiatry? sounds interesting - i'm curious to know.
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No, they stopped doing research on it, because it is a section 1 drug, which means, our governement decided that it, along with marijuana, ecstacy, mushrooms, cocaine, heroin, and others, have no use, medically or otherwise, so it can't be experimented with for medical purposes, research, or otherwise. Fucking governement.

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