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Largest Club in DC?

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Originally posted by minuspurple

What is the Largest Club in DC now-a-days?

not necessarily undergroud, soemething that can hold at least 1000 people...

anything 18+?


Just out of curiosity - why are you asking this on all the boards?

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Dream is definitely alot bigger than nation. it boasts 3 floors plus rooftop deck. or is it 2 floors plus rooftop? No matter the first 2 floors are long and wide. Nation may have the mezzanine's but even that doesnt compare to Dream's capacity. No matter, dream is a waste of a nightclub anyway. They also boast the most wanna-be scene n be scene crowd and lame-ass idiots in suits. People who wear suits are pretty much the ones that can't dress themselves so it's an easy way out. So yeah, bearer of suits try too damn hard.

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