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Video of kid in Eclipse GSX racing an M3, this is FUNNY

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Question is what caused the engine to blow?

Boucing off the rev limiter before the launch definetely isn't a great idea, either is launching at 6k.. but hey.. it was a transmission test. hehe :laugh:

I don't know if the car is stock or not, doesn't sound like it though. Sounds like its running more boost, exhaust, bov.

So here are my guesses:

lean spot

lack of oil(ie: rod bearing failure)


Anything else? It was obviously a bottom end failure.

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my guess would be SERIOUS detonation and then a chain reaction from there.

oil failure could cause spun bearings and such, but it wouldn't turn several pistons into Jell-O like that.

Maybe his timing belt slipped? That would've been my second guess. [interference engine + high boost + slipped Tbelt]

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Guest saleen351

doesn't make sense? that engine was not under heavey load when it blew... When my brother blew his saleen up, he hit it with a 100 shot, and you knew it blew!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think m3 would have caught and smoke it..

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