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fao board (i'm bored...)

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and the first post in the message board-

I don't understand why any comic strip so invested in illustrating the inane, uncomplicated, non-technical, and largely uninteresting life of the proletariat bear, bunny, or other personified woodland creature would have a website dedicated to perpetuating the image of their ascetic lives.

Why must this website continue to be maintained? I already lose enough sleep worrying about whether Pluggers will ruin the beginning of my day when I sit down to my morning newspaper. The Pluggers website goes against the essential tenets of being a Plugger. Are those who create Pluggers shamelessly reaping profits from telling a life they don't live? Yes they are, because they have to get ideas from their readers, insights that are about as intriguing as the Montana Deomocratic Party's Platform.

The Pluggers comic is lame. Disband the website. Eliminate Pluggers from the planet. I mean it.

Thank you


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