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...strange habits...yours or ones youve witnessed...

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...so i saw a few and thought of some this morning that had me sratching my head....

...people that shower with their glasses on....

...people that shower with a bathing suit on...

(i kinda get this one but it still makes me wonder)

...people that clean their car before going to the car wash...

(i've done this)

...people that straighten up before the cleaning service comes...

(similar to above)

...people that always start their comments with ... on cp... (lol)

..i'm sure there's a ton more, but i'll come back later...add on if you can think of any...

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Originally posted by rdancer

Vaccuming first then dusting, all the dust seems to fall off of all the furniture and back onto the carpet...


yoo i do that everytime

or how about everybodys fav. turning

down the radio when lookin for

an address or street

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