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Originally posted by origskeemr

stop eating

one can also get them from growing too fast (as in from child to adult) and from losing weight too fast.
Originally posted by lmg

the only home remedies ive heard of were things like cocoa butter and vitamin E...They are pretty hard to get rid of but they do fade over time.

creams don't really work all that much; time's really the only true remedy.

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There is no cream that will make strecth marks go away, believe me I wish there was. I have them on my lower half of my stomach from when I was pregnant with my daughter and now they are faded to white but they will always be there. And another thing about them is their also hereditery (sp?) As for cellulite I don't know if the cream's that are out there help or not.

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Originally posted by juliet21

hey i know this does not pertain to sex

but does anyone know how to get rid of stretch marks or cellulite from the body

plastic surg. is the answer. I never used tothink it did any good, but I've seen the wear that cellulose, baby births and fat can do to the body and it is unfortunately the only thing that will get rid of them. Creams, pills, oinments and others just help tpo firm-up.

Try Fancl House - Japanese Brand of skin firming products. I here they are pretty good.

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