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Another 8 Hour Marathon Set This Saturday! :)

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Yes, it's yet time again... this saturday(05.17.03) as usual I will be hosting my mix show called "Twisted Cognitions" for those that have not yet tuned in is normally a 4 hour mix show leaning toward the deep, dark, and dirty side of house music.

This Saturday we will do it again and attempt to play LONGER than the record I have at metromixradio.com of 8 hours.

The show will begin at 12pm noon time and go until at LEAST 8pm.

I have dug up and gone through my uncles records from the late 80's and found TONS of body and soul records along with gem's that Todd Terry put together so many years ago! So I am definately going to be playin a nice set of body and soul records which some may be familiar with, some may not! I was surprised how many loops/samples/percussion are used today from these records from over 15 years ago.

Hope you will join me on Saturday in an attempt to break another record on metromix!

I have a microphone on handy(yes a new one) which in case you are wondering what song is being played, I am more than happy to announce over the broadcast(if enough people ask what the song is) or ill just give you the title through AIM. I can be reached at DJustinHiggins (AIM) for any questions. Dont hesitate ;)



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