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anyone see the new twenty dollar bill yet??? andy jack got a face lift... if anyone has the pics please post... ive seen it but not up close just on cnbc... theyve been talking this thing up since march 5, so im kind of ready to see this mofo already...

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How the new $20 bill, out this week, foils counterfeiters

Like the new $100 and $50 bills already in circulation, the $20 has been redesigned with features that make counterfeiting extremely difficult, even with color copiers and laser printers.

1) Security thread: The words "USA TWENTY" and a flag can be seen on the thread when viewed against a light. The thread glows green under ultraviolet light.

2) Microprinting: Visible with a magnifying glass, "USA 20" is repeated inside the numeral 20 in the bottom left corner. "The United States of America" is printed repeatedly on the oval frame of Jackson's portrait.

3) Larger, off-center portrait: More detail in the image of Andrew Jackson makes a fake easier to spot.

4) Fine-line printing: Fine lines behind Jackson's portrait and the White House picture on the reverse are difficult to duplicate.

5) Color-shifting ink: The numeral 20 in the bottom right corner looks green when viewed straight on, but black at an angle.

6) Watermark: A duplicate image of Jackson is visible when held up to a light but cannot be photocopied.

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