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Originally posted by dgmodel

i cant believe you just posted this... im sitting here watching it now... between packing up, and cleaning its been on all day ive been watching it here and there...

i bought a feather duster today. I still cant believe it :blank:

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Originally posted by mssabina

anyone else addicted? i watch it 24/7, it's the only channel i need.... the best of, 30 minute meals, molto mario, food 911, $40 a day, the travel shows... lol i think i know every show they run, it's kinda sad

I used to watch Bobby Flay for lunch time, and then supermarket sweep! That was the best 1-2 combo i can ever remember :spin2:

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Originally posted by sassa

every time i visit my mother she always puts this channel on the tv...it sucks...emeril day and night...i want to watch c-span or cnn or bbc, but no....it's always about the food network :)

absolutely...i hate the fact that they sweat emeril soooo much... today at around 3 or so, they had some live emeril thing, and ppl were going crazy over pork chops and etc..omg grrrross... anyhoo i love watching bobby flay, and graham kerr, molto mario is pretty good as well but lacks a certain flavor... (no pun intended) under 40 is a great show as well...

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I love the food network.

I can't fucking stand Rachel Ray. Her laugh her and her mouth piss me off. She cooks utter crap too. And hell I can show you how to eat for $13.75 a day(where's my show)


Anyway my favorite shows are Iron Chef, A Cooks Tour, and Molto Mario.

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