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whalen and whalen in the bean

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Join us for an intense evening of mixing, music and mayhem from our favorite brothers from other mothers:

Michael Whalen & Alex Whalen <-----this guy's good



5 bucks


Next week - May 29th

Very special engagement with AGENT 001 a/k/a Eli Wilkie & the very talented Steve Porter - Aww yeah!

Born in the ambient sounds of the early nineties, raised on the dance floors of Fever, Buzz, and Twilo, refined behind the controls of Yoshitoshi.com, the sound of Alex Whalen is the sound of now. Ask anyone who has had a chance to hear Alex, from Honolulu to D.C., from Los Angeles to Lima, from San Francisco to Spain, and you will hear the same thing: Alex Whalen is a master of dynamics. His first hand knowledge of the dance floor, encyclopedic knowledge of records, flawless track selection, and fluid mixing skills combine in a maelstrom of beats and beauty to intoxicate even the most hesitant dance floor.

It's impossible to tell when exactly a DJ goes from being good to being great, but it's easy to tell when the rest of the world takes notice. Washington D.C. insiders knew they had someone special in their midst six years ago when Alex played his debut set at D.C.'s longest-running, nationally-renowned event Buzz. Two years and many sets later, Alex was invited serve as the opening DJ for Dave Ralph's new monthly at Buzz - even though Dave didn't want him to be there! As a long time industry veteran it didn't take long for him to overcome his skepticism and see the rare talent that finds its home in Alex Whalen. In fact, Dave was so impressed he asked Alex to share the bill with him on his nation-wide "Naturalized" CD tour, and to this day they continue to play together throughout the world.

Of course, it wasn't just his skills as a DJ that the D.C. faithful had come to respect. When not manning the decks at Buzz, he spent his days holding things down at Deep Dish's Yoshitoshi Shop and Yoshitoshi.com. In addition to his duties as General Manager, he served as their resident progressive "specialist", blessing inquisitive vinyl collectors world-wide with a knowledge of progressive house that borders on clinically obsessive.

But in Summer of 2002 it was time for a change, and 100 boxes of records and 3000 miles later he found himself setting up shop deep in the heart of San Francisco. It didn't take long for him to leave his mark on his new hometown. As the newest member of the Thump Radio crew, he's added syndicated commercial radio to his arsenal. As the label manager for Blowfish Music, he's developing what promises to be one of the U.S.'s premiere independent dance music imprints. As the force behind SF's newest monthly,Arrival, he’s helping shape the sound of the city he now calls home. And through his studio work with friends like Dave Ralph and the Transition Records crew, he's adding production to his long already impressive list of credentials. Think he's come a long way? Just wait till you see where he's going.

Think he's come a long way? Just wait till you see where he's going.

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