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mr mahs

Morocco 'targeted for backing Middle East plan'

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Talk about shooting your self in the foot.. What is amazing is that the middle east plan that will create a Palestinian state by 2005 is poosible with cooperation and these idiots are doing everything possible to derail that progress in this never ending dispute... I just don't get it.. All they have to do is curb the killings but these rebel extremist animals can't except that why????

The suicide bomb attacks that killed 41 people in Casablanca could have been a response to Morocco's support for the Middle East peace process, Jack Straw said today.

The Foreign Secretary, who met with his Moroccan counterpart in London, said that the attacks in Morocco and Israel could be connected.

Mr Straw said: "It is not accidental that we have had these terrorist outrages directed at Morocco, one of the most modern and advanced of Arab societies, and also the terrorist outrages in Israel timed to kill Israelis but also to undermine the peace process."

Mohammed Benaissa, the Moroccan Foreign Minister, said that the Casablanca attacks on Friday, which killed 29 bystanders and 12 suicide bombers, were part of a "wave of terrorism against change in the Middle East."

The bombers were all young Moroccans between the ages of 20 and 24 with modest backgrounds, according to MAP, the official news agency. One of the two that were captured had worked as a car park attendant.

But the terrorists appeared to have made some mistakes in their choice of targets. One attack took place at a Jewish community centre that was closed and empty.

Another bomber blew himself up near a public fountain in Casablanca's old city, killing three Muslims. He had apparently mistaken it for a similar fountain at the entrance of a nearby Jewish cemetery, according to the head of the local police unit.

Nabil Benabdellah, a Moroccan government spokesman said that the mistakes "could explain a number of things" about planning and execution of the attacks, or indicate the attackers were inexperienced recruits from poor neighbourhoods.

"The experts were the ones behind the scenes," he said. The attackers "were used, they were simply trained how to act," he said.

A high-ranking Moroccan official told The Associated Press that investigators suspect the attacks were the work of home grown Islamic extremist groups working on instructions that came from abroad – probably from al-Qaeda.

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Same as in Somalia. They dont want peace. They want victory. That's the basic reason right there.

Same reason that the Iranian government refuses to build a relationship with the United States because it would be seen as a form of Surrender or weakness - due to the fact that we support Israel, they would be seen as siding with Israel.

That goes for ANY nation that contributes a plan or an idea to that region. The first thing that anyone will look at is "does that country support israel". If they do, extremists wont back it and will blow shit up. If they dont, Israelis wont back it and again the extremists will blow shit up.

I'm sick and tired of this crap. There's always a flaw in every plan, always someone who can never see the light in peace and always someone who would rather deny and fight instead of accept and live in peace.

who the fuck cares about them. Let them kill each other, because its what they've proven that they do best throughout the centuries. Even when we try and give them a way out of this mess they just want to jump right back in the pot again.

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