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How's everyones day going??

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Originally posted by eurolisa

aww why u upset? its a beautifull day ! well cheer up sweety! everything will be a ok ;)

men problems...or should i say as of today, lack of a man :(

im working on chippering myself up :tongue::)

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Originally posted by Destiny

I'm upset so I bought a DVD player (my first one btw:) )

and i'm going to get a manicure/pedicure today

hopefully it'll cheer me up


I'm trying

Today is a pretty good day :) ......Work is moving along quick....Then it's tanning, a lil' volleyball @ the park...then dying the hair..........

Today is the first time in a while I have a lot to do

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girl at work pissed me off, then another associate pissed me off and he dared me to write him up, shocked the fuck out of him when i made him sign the write up.

now i come home to bullshit with my parents. Priorities just clicked into high gear. Peace to this house. apartment search is on.

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Originally posted by mssabina

took advantage of the beautiful weather and headed to the beach sunshine.gif

now i'm going to have dinner at a friends house and then going out to parrrty... i love the summer :D

hows the summer job outlook going so far?

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bad...two classes so far down, one more to go...and i haven't done the homework for it.

i have to do 60 hours of community service because i got in trouble with my asshole math teacher....

and i'm bored and hungry.

yeah, this day isn't so cool so far.........:blown:

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