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Howells set to serve up Global Underground's new 24/7 series

More great news from the Global Underground team as Danny Howells, who recently got his groove on with P. Diddy at the Miami WMC, will be the first artist to compile the new 24 / 7 series for GU.

GU’s new series ‘24/7’ is a focus on dedicated individuals obsession with music, especially DJ’s that live, breath and basically eat music 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Each of the CD’s in the series will give the selected DJ a chance to display how their life in music.

As one of the most highly rated DJs around at the moment (reaching the #13 spot in DJ Mag's 2002 Top100 and ranking at #2 on RA's DJ Page ranking), Danny's tour dairy for May and June are crammed and include the following gigs:

Danny Howells - May + June Tour Dates:

23rd May - Renaissance at Club XIII, Moscow (MTV will be filming).

24th May - We Love Homelands at the Matterly Bowl, Winchester.

25th May - Boat Party, Ocean Village, Southampton.

28th May - We Love... at Karense, Zurich.

30th May - Status, Columbus.

31st May - Arc, New York.

5th June - Global Underground 24/7 Tour at Haoman 17, Jerusaleum.

6th June - Global Underground 24/7 Tour at Plus Soda, Athens.

7th June - Shindig at Foundation, Newcastle.

8th June - We Love... at La Terrazza, Barcelona.

13th June - Kuszenie Magnum at Hala Na Wyscigach, Warsaw.

14th June - We Love London at The End, London.

24th June - Circoloco at Peter Pan, Riccione.

27th June - Tonic, Charlotte, USA.

28th June - Arc, NYC.

The release date of Danny’s double CD, which will feature a Day and a night influenced Mix on the Global Underground album, is mid July and it will feature tracks by Black Dog, DJ Shadow, Will Saul, Bent, Iz & Diz, Princess Superstar and Laurent Garnier. We are surely in for a fair variety of sounds by Danny ‘Rockstar’ Howells.

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