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ozzy osbourne a pedophile


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ozzy osbourne involved with secret sex club?

ozzy osbourne is involved with a secret illegal sex club ring that involves the pushing of innocent women and maybe even exploitation of young girls (as young as eleven years old saying things like, "her breasts are brand new. i want to lick her nipples." in getting a young girl to think his penis is a microphone, "pretend it is a microphone. sing into it. kiss it. lick it." with the use of illegal implantation of transmitters by the (cia) government to use hypnosis and even torture to persuade women to exploit themselves and/or have sex with them. he has forced this girl to masturbate and into other sexual acts, possibly even rape. that is being looked in to.

this sex ring is not only immoral but they also endanger the health and lives of these women until they give in or become fat and unhealthy. they use many different methods of torture, such as putting them in pain, causing phony asthma attacks, ruining their skin, and interfering with their normal routine in life, ensuring failure at these women's endeavors. he tells the women afterwards, even if they have been tortured, humiliated and brutally treated for as long as twenty years, that he doesn't give a crap and they even threaten them with medical problems as serious as heart attacks. all because these women have been raised well enough that they will not give in to being prostitutes for the rich and beligerent famous.

their excuse for this is that they are to old to infatuate too many good looking women and they want to use the transmitters to fool the women into thinking they are in love with them because they don't want women that are just going to have sex with them for their money.

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