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mr mahs

Israel will deliver if you end attacks, Bush tells Abba

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Stop the killing = Results.. Let see if these lunatics in HAMAS can realise peace is around the corner only cooperation is needed.

President George W Bush spoke to Mahmoud Abbas, the new Palestinian prime minister for the first time yesterday, urging him to curb terrorism and promising "concrete steps" from Israel if he was successful.

George W Bush insists he will put pressure on Israel

After a series of suicide bombings by Palestinian terrorists determined to derail the long-awaited "road map" peace plan, the two leaders spoke for 15 minutes.

Mr Abbas, known as Abu Mazen, told Mr Bush that "he was committed to reform, peace and to ending all acts of terror" during a "friendly and hopeful" conversation, said the White House.

The call took place on the day that Ariel Sharon, the Israeli premier, had been due to visit the White House but postponed his trip because of the recent attacks.

Mr Bush told Mr Abbas that Mr Sharon would have to take "concrete steps" in accordance with the "road map", the American-drafted peace plan published on May 1, the day after Mr Abbas became prime minister.

But five suicide bombings in 48 hours, clearly timed to coincide with Mr Sharon's first meeting with Mr Abbas after he took office, have shaken hopes in Washington that swift progress can be achieved.

White House officials have said that Mr Abbas has honourable intentions but doubts remain over how much control he has over the militant Palestinian groups. There are also fears that Yasser Arafat, the Palestinian president, has retained too much power and could work to undermine him.

The seven-page road map envisages Israel and a Palestinian state existing side by side in peace by 2005.

Mr Bush has insisted he will pressurise Israel to make concessions but only after the Palestinians have proved their willingness to take effective security measures.

He faces domestic pressure from Jewish groups and evangelical Christians. Gary Bauer, a leading Christian conservative, and more than 20 others wrote to Mr Bush this week imploring him to support Israel.

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