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mr mahs

I think I am going to buy a gun....

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I really hate to see what would happen if there is another terrorist attack in this country... The ACLU claims we are bending civil rights by racial profiling but time and time again it is camel jockeys that are constantly trying to destroy my beloved country...

FBI: NYC Cabbie Sought to Buy Explosives

The FBI (search) arrested a New York cab driver after he allegedly tried to buy enough explosives "to blow up a mountain," scoped out bridges in Miami and lied to agents about his activities.

Sayed Abdul Malike, 43, was ordered held without bail Wednesday at an arraignment in federal court.

Malike was arrested Tuesday following an investigation by a terrorism task force, though prosecutors made no allegations of terrorism in the charges. He was charged with making false statements and drug possession, and could face up to six years in prison if convicted.

His defense attorney Heidi Cesare declined to comment.

The investigation of Malike, a legal U.S. resident from Afghanistan, began in March when a store owner in Queens reported that the defendant was seeking information on how to make a bomb.

Later that month, Malike traveled to Miami, where he took a sightseeing trip around the port, according to court documents. A tourist boat captain later reported that the defendant, while shooting video, asked about "the infrastructure of bridges ... and about how close the boat could get to the bridges and cruise ships."

Malike was later lured into a series of meetings with an undercover agent posing as an illegal explosives supplier.

The defendant was "evasive about his plans," the complaint said. But when asked how much explosives he needed, he replied "that he was looking for enough to blow up a mountain," the complaint said.

The agent offered Malike a supply of C-4 explosives (search) for $10,000. But the defendant said "he hadn't yet obtained the finances, and that he could not store them in his apartment," the complaint said.

Malike also allegedly wanted to buy bulletproof vests, night vision goggles (search) and Valium. Authorities said he was arrested after buying 100 Valium pills for $150.

During questioning, Malike "repeatedly lied" about his trip to Florida, and denied ever trying to obtain explosives, the complaint said.

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