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ACTUAL CD Review (remember those?)

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Yes. I went to the store and bought an ACTUAL CD. Here's my review:

artist: "Weird Al" Yankovic

album: Poodle Hat

ok before the club-heads dismiss him please note: The man has been in the business successfully for over 20 years, how many people are in the scene half that long???


01. Couch Potato (parody of Lose Yourself by Eminem)

02. Hardware Store (original) Probably Album Single

03. Trash Day (parody of Hot In Here by Nelly)

04. Party At The Leper Colony (original)

05. Angry White Boy Polka (Required Album Polka Medley)

06. Wanna B Ur Lovr (original)

07. A Complicated Song (parody of Complicated by Avril Lavigne)

*** Funny!

08. Why Does This Always Happen To Me? (original)

09. Ode To A Superhero (parody of Piano Man by Billy Joel)

***Tells story of Spider Man Movie

10. Bob (original)

11. EBAY (parody of I Want It That Way by Backstreet Boys)

*** Dam Funny!!!

12. Genius In France (original)

CD-Rom part includes:

Home Movies, Pictures, Sing-a-long Lyrics, and 8 additional mixes.

Al actually starts off by saying "Hi, thank you for actually buying my album and NOT downloading it! these extras are for you"

So as you can see half of the album is original, half parody.

I think this is his 12th studio album.

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