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so the Smart-Roadster is coming to the US

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but it will be FWD, not RWD like it is in Europe :mad:

it will be front engined, not mid-engined (also like it is in Europe)

the economical turbo 3 cyl and 6 speed paddleshift manual transmission wont make it here either.

the US-spec Smart Roadster will use Mitsubishi 4 cylinder engines and a Mitsubishi 4-speed automatic.


the only positive thing about the US model is that AWD will be optional.

:cry: :cry: :cry:

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why'd they even bother keeping the same name... its a totally different car...

which 4cyl engine is it using?

4g63 would give it some redeaming quality... but fwd is a buzzkill.... if it was RWD with the 4g63 and the paddle shifters, THAT would be a phat car.... especially midengine...

ugh... chalk up ANOTHER car being fucked up on import to the US...

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