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WTF is that?

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She is by far one of the most beautiful women in the world...

But..... Look at her Left foot... Is that her toe chillen on top of her shoe strap or am I seeing things?? If thats her toe?? How doesnt she not feel it.. WTF !! :confused:


What the hell is that thing???? :confused:

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sometimes women wear shoes that are too small...too big, the straps go undr their toes...whats up with that? how do you walk around like that? do you think it looks nice?

i think that its just a design on her shoe that makes it look like an extra toe..unless she has 6 of them.

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Originally posted by ou812

[in a 5 yr old's voice]"It might be a tumor"[/in a 5 yr old's voice]

It's not a tooooma!!!

Originally posted by phatman

...only another woman would pick that out from this photo...

Saw it, giggled, tried to figure out what it was for a few seconds... looked up and saw the ankles the feet are attached to, the leeeeeegs attached the the ankles, the skimpy little outfit, gorgeous tits, perfect face...

If that's a sixth toe, I'd still suck on it with nooooo hestitation...

Hell, she could have a triple nipple, I'd lick that too!!!

GODDAMN, she is a fucking FOXXXXXX!!!!!!!!!

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