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How were Ralph Falcon and Oscar G?

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first of all, the parking situation friday was rediculous. Usually I can find a spot around edge and even across the street near the hotel. But no dice! luckily someone left the edge and my friend and I found parking right in front of it. The main room didn't open till 2:30 or so because the Roots performed there. I realize that there was alot of equipment but damn, 2:30? Even buzz didn't pull a stunt like that. When the main room did open, half of it was sectioned off and still lit (only because equipment was still being hauled outside. probably around 3am or so the main room was back to normal. Personally I thought that oscar g did a mediocre job. His track selecion did't do much for me. I left around 4am because I was seriously bored. Im really glad i made it before they started charging. or else I wouldve have killed for my money bck.

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