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Life Or Something Like It

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i just finished watching it and wow did it make me think, what would u do if you found out you had a week to live? would you change the way you lived? do the things you always wanted but never did? say the things to the people you always wanted to say but never had the courage to say? would u spend it with anyone special but most importantly would you look back at your life and regret the things you have done with it so far or be happy with the things you were able to accomplish so far?

i dont know but i know that there are so many things that i have left unsaid to so many people ....

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Originally posted by fineones

that was on HBO last night

right ...i didnt know whati t was so i watched

somtihng else...is that the flick with angelina jolie?

yup it was last night try and watch it when u have time its a great movie

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great movie just watched it... (does ed burns ever make a movie that sucks??? i dont think he can) a lil issues with the movie is that its rushed and a lot of pieces of the movie are left however considering it has to be done in a week i guess thats the reason for it... however overall good movie worth the rental...

(btw jolie looooooks amazing with the blonde hair, whats the deal with the marilyn motif in the movie? her hair, car style of clothing while everyone else is in the present day???)

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