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Hugh Jasscock aka Squeegeeman was sitting outside Hunter College. It was a warm day in May and the sun was shining, the birds were singing, and a dirty peice of manmeat was hanging out the urine stained trench coat of a homeless man dangling in the cool spring breeze. Squeegeeman decided it was time for a smoke, after all dumpster diving does create a bit of an appetite. Fortunately even though Senior Jasscock had no food, he had a cool pack of smokes. As Hugh Jasscock sat down on a bench outside the school (on the corner of 68th and lexington) he noticed that alot of pretty young women had gathered around him. They introduced themselves as sociology majors who had just finished their finals. Never one to be impolite Mr. Jasscock offered them a smoke, they kindly declined. After a brief discussion about college, and life in general, most of the girlies left to take the 6 train home, wherever that may be. As Mr. Jasscock stood up to bid the ladies goodbye his junior johnson peaked out between the flaps of the trenchcoat. There was a slight film over the penis head, a green-whitish funk that could only develop after several weeks of not bathing and rubbing a penis in feta cheese. The unique funk and intimidating sight of the unsprung manwhich meat intrigued on of the students. She stayed behind...

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A young sociology major named Angelica decided that it might be time to do her good deed of the day. She asked Mr. Jasscock if he would join her in a drink. "My dear lady, It would be an honor and a pleasure to join you in a draught of the good stuff, I you would be so obliged" replied the gentlemanly Squeegeeman. They decided to have some coffee. After some coffee and a long discussion about life, and art and books the young Ms. Angelica had taken a liking to Mr. Jasscock. She was particularly intrigued by his knowledge of Oscar Wilde, Keates, Faulkner, and Nietchze.

The birds were singing, and a cool breeze caressed their skin. Suddenly the young maiden saw past the scruffy beard filled with chunks of Wendy's chili and matted dirt. She saw past the urine stained clothing and the unmathed sneakers with toes peeping out of the broken ends. For the first time in a long time another person saw the true Squeegeeman. Mr. Hugh Jasscock III esquire. Surely a man with such a great mind had been educated in a fine university, and he must definitely be a well traveled man. "Well" Mr. Jasscock explained "I have been in shelters all over the tristate area." But that was not what she meant.

Now Hugh had always been grateful for the generosity of strangers, but this interest Angelica took in him saddened him. It is not his place to know the joys of kindness and humanity and he knew this. Mr. Jasscock had been condemned to a life of poverty and wandering only to be a bystander, observing the happiness and sadness of life through the people he watched living their lives as he waited for spare change.

"Enough!" Angelica said will gazing into the sad eyes of a man she felt she knew. "I must know you Squeegeeman, oh to die in your arms would be to know the truth of the world!" "I can't go on without being in your arms at least once. To have your toothless mouth kiss me and to have your sticky hands caress me." She wanted to be with a real man and the time was now.

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The starcrossed lovers traveled to the home of Angelica's great aunt. Mrs. Olivia Dupree, who had been vacationing in the Hamptons. Angelica and Squeegeeman tasted many wines and viewed many works of art before it all culminated in their first kiss. "Your mouth, it taste like hot ass" Angelica purred as she wrapped her arms around the homeless man she just met. She stripped him revealing caramel brown skin...which used to be white until Hugh stopped showering. Slowly the manwhich arose, coming to life. Angelica felt her heart pounding, and time seemed to move slower as her body waited in anticipation. They made sweet love under the stars. They had sex in anyposition they could, ravaging each others bodies. Angelica had never felt this way before. Her clitoris enlarged as she rubbed it over Squeegeemans dirty body. They massaged each other, and dripped wax on each other. The both climaxed several times and decided it was time to rest. Squeegeeman lay there looking up in the sky and turned to Angelica. "Yes my dear?" she said looking at Hugh with all the affection a new lover could express through her eyes. Squeegeeman turned to her and said "Do you have any spare change?"

Suddenly Angelica returned to reality. She had been up several days studying for finals. She heard her friends calling her to leave so they could catch the train. "Sorry mac, I don't have any money but I give you my love." Hugh looked at the young voluptuous beauty and said "Lady, that and two bucks will get you a ride on the train." Angelica walked away with the sweet smell of funky ass in her nose. She breathed in deeply thinking about how she wanted to ride the manwhich and departed. "My dear love, I shall see you anon" she wispered to herself as she began her journey home...

2 b continued

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