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2003 MLB Draft Today

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Originally posted by lolahotass

Are the Marlins #2 then:laugh:



They aren't even in the first 10..

This is the order for the first round:

1. Devil Rays

2. Brewers

3. Tigers

4. Padres

5. Royals

6. Cubs

7. Orioles

8. Pirates

9. Rangers

10. Rockies

11. Indians

12. Mets

13. Blue Jays

14. Reds

15. White Sox

16. Marlins

17. Red Sox

18. Indians

19. D-Backs

20. Expos

21. Twins

22. Giants

23. Angels

24. Dodgers

25. Athletics

26. Athletics

27. Yankees

28. Cardinals

29. D-Backs

30. Royals

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baseball is the toughest sport i think to actually conduct a good draft in. you think of former #1 overalls like brien taylor and todd van poppel and how they flopped, then you got guys like mike piazza going in the 67th round who turned out to be superstars. in baseball, there truly are no guarantees. of course there were those who were drafted early like manny ramirez, alex rodriguez, ken griffey jr who were drafted early and lived up to their hype.

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