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Lucy Woodward's "Blindsided" as a free mp3 download

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Received by Clubplanet today:


For Immediate Release:

Atlantic Records and TheScumfrog.com Present an Exclusive New Remix:

Lucy Woodward's "Blindsided" as a free mp3 download

The Scumfrog remix of "Blindsided", the second single from Lucy Woodward's debut album "While You Can," is available as a free downloadable mp3 file at www.thescumfrog.com?clubplanet <http://www.thescumfrog.com?clubplanet>

First announced by Jesse Houk (The Scumfrog) in a BBC Radio interview in London on May 16th, the remix was downloaded 800 times in the first 12 hours.

"Earlier this year we offered a downloadable version of my own single (Music Revolution) on the site, and ended up with over 5000 downloads," says Houk, "but more importantly it generated global interest in the record, and a number of very lucrative licensing opportunities. In Lucy's case we expect even more impressive results given Atlantic's resources, and her potential to reach both mainstream and underground audiences."

"Lucy was the perfect artist for this kind of collaboration,” Houk continued. “Since Atlantic was already actively pursuing innovative ways to introduce her new music by offering soundclips, streaming audio, music video, and interviews on AOL and other online platforms, offering the new remix as a free download was a logical extension to that strategy."

Each week, TheScumfrog.com gets traffic from several thousand fans and dance music enthusiasts throughout the world. The news of a free download spreads like fire through chatrooms, message boards, and proprietary websites offering immediate exposure throughout the vast internet community.

For information about The Scumfrog, please visit: <http://www.thescumfrog.com?clubplanet>

For more information about Lucy Woodward, please visit: <http://www.lucywoodward.com?clubplanet>

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Originally posted by djmikebugout

remix is dope....I like it a lot :D

Hani mixes are ill too man...streets July 8th...there is a maxi and vinyl...

Maxi tracklist

1. BLINDSIDED (Hani Numsided Remix)

2. BLINDSIDED (Mile High Klub Remix)

3. BLINDSIDED (Scumfrog Dub)

4. BLINDSIDED (Home & Garden Mix)

5. BLINDSIDED (X-Factor “Ave. A” Remix)

6. BLINDSIDED (Hani Dub)

Fliz :)

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