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Lexicon Avenue Interview

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Take a ride down Lexicon Avenue

Scott Bradford, Mark Armstrong and Chris Scott are known as Lexicon Avenue. Combined, these three lads from the north of England have been continually pounding the progressive scene with top class productions. From their brilliant first outing in 'Here I Am', things have only got better for the lads, leading them to many prolific and impressive remixes for the likes of Dirty Vegas, East West Connection, Dave Gahan, John Creamer & Stephane K, and Ben Onono amongst others. What is ironic is that one of their most popular remixes will never see an official release, that of course being their baseline driven rework of Depeche Mode. The lads recently caught up with RA to shed some light on their situation...

So how was 2002 and 2003 (what we have had of it) been for Lexicon Avenue?

It's been a very, very busy couple of years for us. Basically non stop studio and DJ'ing . The rest of 2003 is already well booked up with studio time and even more gigs. We need to try and find more time to work in the studio to be honest.

What is it like having 3 members in a production outfit. Can it ever get difficult in the studio or does it flow smoothly most of the time?

We all work well together. We do argue about things in the tracks from time to time but it works out ok normally. It's better having 3 sets of ears on quality control than just 1. It's great when we hit a brick wall as we all egg each other on. We have a good laugh as well taking the piss out of each other.

Being based in the UK, can you notice the so called downturn in the clubbing industry? If so, why do you think this may be happening?

the numbers have dropped a bit in a lot of clubs around the uk over the past year. The smaller underground clubs seem to be the ones that have shone through. Clubs like the end, basics, shindig and bedrock. I can see it being just as hard for clubs this summer but we all have to stick with it and things will sort themselves out pretty soon.....I hope

Your nite:life mix really pushed you guys as a DJ'ing outfit. Do you intend to further the DJ'ing and do you see benefits from working as producers and DJ's?

As mentioned earlier we have been really busy travelling and doing gigs we have been too busy doing gigs to be honest we need to get in the studio more.

THAT Depeche Mode remix. How did that come about?

We found an accapella and decided to do a mix for us to use at the 2002 wmc. We gave a few cd’s to people and a year down the line it really blew up....some twat has just bootlegged it though which we are very pissed off about. On the plus side Dave Gahan from DM heard it and asked us to remix his new solo single which is cool.

What can you tell us about any upcoming remixes and productions?

As I just mentioned we have remixed Dave Gahans "Dirty Sticky Floor" for mute. Our mix of John Creamer & Stephane K's "Wish U Were Here" is due out very soon we also have a lexicon avenue vocal single planned.

What producers or DJ’s have been influential to you over the years?

In the past Tenaglia, Mood 2 Swing, deep dish have been influences on us now its people like Chus and Ceballos, Peace Division and h-foundation that we aspire to.

Are there any artists in particular you guys would like to remix?

Grace Jones, the Cure, Bjork, New Order or an official Depeche Mode mix would be cool (and Madonna or Kylie for the cash ha!)

What hobbies do you guys like to get up to in your spare time?

We all have kids so we try and spend what little free time we get with them. We all enjoy a movie as well that and a trip to the pub.

If you had to name your top 5 or so favourite tunes, what would they be?

That’s to hard to do so you can get lost....Ha

source: http://www.residentadvisor.com.au/features.asp?ID=310

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