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storage space

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Guest gabo

why dont you just rent a garage or a storage bin in nj. its pretty cheap and they hold a lot of shit.

\ so can i still get free gear for the advice?:D:tongue:

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Denim Overalls Quantity Sizes Color

Triple 5 Soul 96 size XL - XXXL Black , Blue

Sean John 32 XL - XXL Black , Blue

Ecko Complex 32 L-XXL Black , Blue

Rocawear 32 L-XXXL Black , Blue

Karl Kani 32 L-XXXL Black , Blue

Total 224

Denim Jeans

Johnny Blaze 73 30-44 Black , Blue

Platinum Fubu 72 30-38 Black

Triple 5 Soul 72 30-40 Black, Blue

Pnb Nation 50 30-40 Black, Blue

School of Hard Knocks 24 30-42 Black

Akademiks 144 30-40 Black , Blue

Sean John 240 30-44 Black, Blue

Enyce 100 30-44 Black, Blue

Rocawear 50 32-42 Black, Blue

Pelle Pelle 48 30-38 Black, Blue

Ecko Complex 98 30-40 Black, Blue

Nautica 48 30-40 Black, Blue

Phat Farm 96 30-42 Black, Blue

Timberland 96 32-44 Black , Blue

Iceberg History Apollo 50 30-42 Black, Blue

Various other brands 443 30-44 Black , Blue

Total 1704

Denim Jackets

Rocawear 98 L - XXL Black, Blue

Cotton Sweater

Various Brands 471 L-3XL

Cotton Long Sleeve Shirts

Various Brands 216 L-3XL

Cotton T-shirts

Coogi 120 L-3XL

Cotton Sweater Suits

Various Brands 29 XL3XL

Mens Suits 22 N/A

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Originally posted by atomicapples

who has storage space?

i got 1000 shirts and 1700 pairs of jeans coming in...

all echo, leak wear, sohk, sean john...

ill give you gear for payment.

my parents own an empty house, how long would it be there, and are they in boxes or ??? i dont want that haggard gear, id like monetary compensation...

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