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M Club autoX pics 5-8-03

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Fun day, 8 runs, no rain.

Chatted with a 914 guy for a while, drove it around, he took me for a ride. The car STICKS. I'm still looking for one. :tongue:

At the last autox one of the head guys spun his supercharged E36 M3 into the sidewalk. Rain and slicks don't mix. Put a huge crack in the sidewalk, actually moved it 1". I heard half his glass shattered, airbags out, total wreck. He returned with a new leased E46.

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No crashes, no rollovers, no drivers jumping out of the car engulfed in flames. What the hell fun is this Auto-X crap? Find me some Nascar with some redneck jack-off fliping his car end over end 15 times and I'm a happy guy.

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