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cancun clubs

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Clubs, Bars....

La Boom - best club in cancun in my opinion.

Coco Bongo

Daddy O'

Daddy Rocks

Senor Frogs

Fat Tuesdays

Hey give emm all a shot, personally i like La boom the best and as for what to see and do there are plenty of options. During spring break the "place to be" and hang out at is the oasis hotel but i dont know what the scene will be like in the summertime. Also, other day activities include jet skiing, parasailing, bungy jumping, jungle tours, chi chi nitza(sp?), etc but the odds are you will just spend the days at the pool bar getting wasted on frozen drinks, dos xx and yards... hope this helps

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sounds good, hope ya have a good time. All inclusive is tricky sometimes depending on the hotel. My friends and i got all inclusive at one of the Palace hotels last year and it was great. I dont think i would go back without doing all inclusive to be honest. You should be psyched though cancun is amazing, all year round!!!!

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umm well since i had all inclusive two times i went i dont really know much about the food and prices but they have some regular american places to eat like fridays and stuff. As for the clubs and how much they cost this all depends. Usually they range from no cover -40 bux depending on the dj or if they are promoting a big night or something. Usually u can get in for like $20-25 which many of times includes an open bar w/ a bracelet, etc and also sometimes they let u cut the line if u get a bracelet right off the bat. Dont forget this is mexico and they love american $$ so u can always bargain with them and talk emm down, especially if u are with a group.

As for how to get to and from everywhere. It depends where u are. Some hotels offer shuttles and stuff but we usually took the bus to the where the clubs were(costs like 1 or 2 $) or you can take taxis but you can only fit 4 at a time and the rates are more expensive than the bus. So its up to u. Just ask the ppl working at the hotel or the other kids hanging out and they will show u the ropes and tell u how much everything is and where the bus stops are, etc. Pm if you have any other questions...

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clubs and bars...

ok these are my fav's.

Sunday Nite Senior Frogs

Monday nite usually a R&R day...

tues nite - fat tuesdays

wed nite - coco bongo

thurs nite - daddy o's.

fri nite - la boom...

sat nite - anything and everything...

There is a foam party / bikini / wet t-shirt party at la boom on fri nights...

There is a bus stop in front of the oasis.... 6 pesos ($.60-usd)... each way...Runs all night

Bus is the most cost effective way of getting around Cancun's hotel strip...cabs are not a bad bet if you can haggle and you are drunk...usually 50 pesos / 5 usd.

usually the hotels have an organized trip to go to some club that night...if the oasis does not have one...can't remember the omni right next door does...and they usually post fliers were they are going.

Ladies...usually can get in to the club for free....

but it will cost you 25-30 usd for open bar...

or maybe $5 usd to just get in to places like sr frogs.


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La Boom is probably my favorite place. We booked the Costa Real the last time i was there simply cuz its right across the street. It's separated into 2 rooms: house and hip-hop, except for wed. nites because DJ Skribble is there. Theres like 7 bars in the whole club including 1 outdoors. I was usually in the hip hop room most of the time but would get my drinks in the house room cuz every1 is on drugs there so u dont have to wait to get a drink. Wed. nite is the mardi gras party at pat o'briens but i wouldnt recommend it. the booze cruise leaves from fat tuesdays i forget what nite though. it can be fun if ur with a lot of people. Coco Bongo is another decent sized club but i didnt think it was anything special. Dady'o is the other big club across the street from Coco Bongo. Its probably the classiest club in Cancun (which isnt classy at all) so theres a decent amount of locals but i had fun. I also went to this place called Life one nite at like 2 and i thought it was cool. I had never heard of it in my 2 years in cancun until this girl told me about it. i would definatly try to hit that up.

I dont know how old u are but the summer in cancun brings an extremely young crowd. all kids that just finished high school. if ur trying to meet a guy or girl down there dont get your hopes up. every guy outside of the people i was with was an 18 year old dirtbag from Texas. i think i wanted to beat up every kid i saw. And as far as girls go, theres about 1 girl to every 10 guys and theyre all slobs.

oh and as far as open bar goes, there should be at least 1 every nite. theyre usually about $25 all u can drink, which includes dos equis, shots and a limited menu of mixed drinks. the catch is that if u want to be served, u have to TIP. i would usually find a waiter and give him $10 with my first drink then he/she would usually intorduce himself and take care of me the rest of the nite. and when u order shots of tequila ask for "Hornitos". its a better tequila then the Cuervo Gold they give u (its made from 100% agave) and every bar there has it. u just have to ask for it.

I went to the Oasis one day b/c i heard so much about it but it was nothing special. i think its only packed during spring break. the good thing is that it has a beautiful beach. its big and connected to the beaches of a bunch of other hotels. and instead of going back and forth to the bar (its not on the beach) i just bought a big jug of Corona Familiar for $9. i would recommend doing that so u dont have to walk back n forth and wait online. they also have water coolers on the side of the bar which is cool. u just have to grab a cup from behind the bar and the water is yours.

another idea i would think about is saving ur bracelets from the different clubs (i would just rip them off the next morning b/c i didnt wana look like a dirty college kid) then find out wat color the bracelets are for all-inclkusive at different hotels. i know la boom gives a different color every nite. theres a hotel somewhere in between oasis and la boom called the Gran Caribe Real. It is probably the nicest hotel in all of cancun. they have a decent sized bar in the lobby and it is always packed around 9 oclock befoer every1 goes out. they also have this room called "Club All-Inclusive", its like a game room but it has tables and a full stocked bar with all different fruit juices to mix. u just help urself and its all free. if i were u i would try and get the same color bracelet as this hotel and just hang out there before u go out every nite.

well i hope this helps. cancun is really what u make of it. u should have a great time. if u have any questions just reply.

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and also u should try to get into VIP at La Boom. its the terrace that goes around the top of the hip hop room. they give u buckets of bottled dos equis and pitchers of Kamikaze non-stop. Wed. nite is probably hard to get up there because the club is packed so all of the promoters will be up there all nite. i was fortunate to be with some1 who knew 1 of the promoters from staten island so i got hooked up for a nite. if i were u i would wait til right before the place closes and there will be nobody standing by the staircase to go up to VIP. u can just walk up there and start bullshittin with 1 of the promoters and hopefully he/she will recognize u the rest of the week and u will be allowed up there all week.

have a safe trip

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