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National League All-Star Votes So Far...

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First Base

Player Team Total Votes

Helton, T. Rockies 379,713

Bagwell, J. Astros 379,499

Thome, J. Phillies 294,904

Martinez, T. Cardinals 231,721

Choi, H. Cubs 194,238

Second Base

Player Team Total Votes

Giles, M. Braves 418,742

Kent, J. Astros 384,329

Boone, A. Reds 259,483

Alomar, R. Mets 242,721

Vidro, J. Expos 223,936

Third Base

Player Team Total Votes

Rolen, S. Cardinals 713,710

Castilla, V. Braves 306,233

Lowell, M. Marlins 300,047

Hillenbrand, S. Diamondbacks 233,563

Alfonzo, E. Giants 163,847


Player Team Total Votes

Furcal, R. Braves 526,630

Renteria, E. Cardinals 483,765

Aurilia, R. Giants 235,480

Gonzalez, A. Cubs 202,050

Rollins, J. Phillies 178,228


Player Team Total Votes

Lopez, J. Braves 410,630

Rodriguez, I. Marlins 395,927

Piazza, M. Mets 282,226

Santiago, B. Giants 266,350

Matheny, M. Cardinals 187,814


Player Team Total Votes

Bonds, B. Giants 744,095

Sosa, S. Cubs 565,590

Sheffield, G. Braves 565,177

Pujols, A. Cardinals 486,197

Jones, A. Braves 460,253

Guerrero, V. Expos 356,677

Jones, C. Braves 346,698

Edmonds, J. Cardinals 342,295

Griffey Jr., K. Reds 242,376

Dunn, A. Reds 199,447

Kearns, A. Reds 184,260

Cruz Jr., J. Giants 165,104

Alou, M. Cubs 159,378

Green, S. Dodgers 152,802

Patterson, C. Cubs 147,821

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