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Anyone ever watch that old series called "Dark Shadows"

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It was on the Sci-Fi channel before and lemme tell u...i never knew acting could get any worse.

I mean that shit is copyrighted 1970..it musta been one of the 1st color series's on tv cause the whole production is just shitty.

Its like some fuckin soap-opera of spookyness and suspense or some shit...i can't belive people actually watch this and that they have fan conventions for it and stuff.

I know that one of u wackos actually watches this shit....prolly fuckin waldo watches it.

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I used to watch it every day religiously on the sci fi channel in high school. My friends and I would call each other up during commercials to talk about what happened because we were OBSESSED. It's def one of those things in my childhood that I won't forget....

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