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550,000 miles?!

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That fucken ride is about to be relegated to 'junk yard' status....

Note the the hoopty is parked out in the street :D

Its been to hell and back with the same tires..you sure u wanna spend the rest of your life keeping the sucker on the road ?:laugh:

Lose the junk and get a real ride for anyone thinking of buying(tho it qualifies for a salvation army donation)


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I've got a 1991 420SEL, pretty similar to that one... its got 99,000 miles on it and its already falling apart in a big way...

It gets treated pretty damn nicely, but the accelleration is shot to shit, the gas guage doesnt work, and i've had multiple break downs in the past couple monthes.

With 550,000 miles on it, i wouldn't believe that thing could even move.

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