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new traxxxxxxx's and song id

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What up!

Whats everyone feeling on

**** new Hard trance right now?!? ****

Talking not hardcore BUT the hard ish :eek:

Also does anyone remeber a pretty hard song by/with DMX in it real hard beat!????! he was aying just a few lines in the song

I been seeing allot more post on great house/vocals but what happen to the harder goods?

Matty Dubs

now living in Orlando :( I am stuck wit nothing

BUT BREAKS!!!!!!!! :hang:

Music???????????? Shit there is not music down here! :peeleft:

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Originally posted by playgroundb


Now thats a dope hardcore song!!!

I still can find that DMX JP remix if anyone has it!!

Anyone know any new hardstyle songs????


You could probably find th 12" on ebay.com satellite records. eightball - gemm - or any record store. and make it into an mp3;)

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Check out

Viframa-Cristalle (Hard Bootleg Mix)***one of the better hard traxx in a while***

Tribalistics-Fucked up in the head (Club Mix)


Marco V- C Del.mp3 and Solarize (Tech Trance)

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