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Vanilla K?

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What do you mean? Its great! Its almost as good as crushing froot loops with my coke! I add vanilla to everything like my crystal, my pills, my beer, its great I put it on my toilet paper. I heard you dont even need to by the K just cook up some vanilla extract. If only pablo knew about flavored drugs, he would have been rich. Oh yeah he was with out being so stupid as to mistake his drugs with b-day cake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Back in the day the first time I did it I went nuts and bought every flavor on the shelf. Straberry ended up being the best. Was like cotton candy.

This was right when Yellow label started disappearing and Blue Label was making it's way in.

The good ol daze...when there was only one kind of K!

Fort Dodge :jar:

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