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You know what sucks?

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When you have a friend you've known for years and you know they care for you a more than 'just a friend' should but you're not, nor ever will be, interested in them like that.. and then they have a friend that you meet thru them that you would kind of like to get to know better but can't because the guy you're both friends with would kill his friend if he ever attempted anything.

It sucks but such is life.. and I suppose friendship is more important than a chance with some girl (bros before hoes) because relationships have more of a tendency to not work out.. but it sucks in the meantime..

:mad: :mad:

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Why don't you clear the understanding with this "friend" that you only see him as a friend, and nothing more.

Once he finally understands that, IF he is your true friend, he should let you be friends, or more than friends, with one of his boys.

True friends don't make you feel like this :mad:

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