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Keeping the Rythmn

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These sounds are singing

These thoughts are tingling

Mingling masses of intense reverberation

Paving the path to sensual penetration

Oral elation and darting jubilation

Points of pleasure unleashed and ravaged

Releasing sensations all primal and savage:

Cascading, caressing, while slowly undressing

Wordlessly addressing, yet constantly confessing

Deeply felt desires expressed through perspire;

An internal pyre of thoughts that won't tire

Trickling and licking, touching and tickling

Repeating a rhythm continually clicking

Flicking and darting in parts that keep parting

Roaring and moaning that never stops starting

Swearing and steaming, seemingly dreaming

Swimming, unleashing, the pressure's been teeming

The essence of beauty slowly starts streaming

Lights of rapture begin brightly beaming

Hearts fiercely pounding

And all begins sounding

as one

as one

as one

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