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what a weekend....


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:cool::D what a fun time this weekend was:D

drunken blurs rule and well meeting a shitload of people from message boards is always a blast as well;) :tongue:;)

had a lot of fun at studio 3 and then at fester's joint, good tunes all night long and well sloppy messes all night long are even better, i am sure there was a definite to be continued message at the end of the episode this morning:tongue: ;)

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Chillin with the rent's all weekend.

DID go out tonight tho, n got a lil tipsy at Naissance.

Becca you was out at the Sawdust Joint waaaaay too long.

Ras darling, I owe you a call back, my parents are in town for another week I think so I'm sorta decomissioned, but come mid-July we shakin the east coast down.


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mizl, i was at the sawdust joint for like ever this weekend, all friday night and saturday morning and then onto saturday night and well all freakin day sunday, but i went boating in between and well drank a shitload of booze, hehehehe:D

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I'm still sleeping from Saturday. I'm glad we didn't wait for all the traffic on Sunday, but what a hell ride at 5am :blown:

Studio 3 was a good time - really hot, really packed and a lil bit nuts, but fun.

Teamj5 you punkass, next time I see you and your evil camera it's all over for the two of you :mad:

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Originally posted by teamj5

and stymie got some :eek:

See Kaydup - it wasn't me that did the hooking up with phil :tongue:

Afterhours was cool - but I almost fell over and my arm's all bruised where I tried catching myself :( F'ing toolbox :mad:

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Afterhours was great. Lots of good DJs there on Saturday (except for Todd of course). Fester is the mac-daddy host... his place has everything you could want for an afterhours, very impressed! :bowdown:

It was cool meeting and actually being able to talk and hang out with everybody!

teamjV, where the hell did you end up? I don't think I saw you after midnight.

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