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So my dad gets this whole package of Armor All car care package. it has wheel cleaner, tire cleaner, leather protectorant, interior cleaner, car wash, etc.

last week i try to use it on the saab.

first i tried the wheel cleaner. Not only did it not get any brake dust off of the wheels, but it left a white crust all over the wheels. Lucklily I had another wheel cleaner that I could use.

Then i tried the car wash and interior stuff. Interior cleaner: worked very well.

Leather protectorant: left streaks all over the leather. I tried wiping it down with a cloth afterwards, but it didnt help. The streaking went away after someone sat in the seat for a 1/2 hour or so. Weird.

Car Wash: the soap didnt do very much. It didnt foam up much at all. I got more dirt off the car when I was drying it than from the actual washing.


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Guest saleen351

any moron knows if you clean your wheels, you use castrol...... only shit that works...

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