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nyis4meathead's Star of the Week - Dave Wagz

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My star of the week for the first week of July goes hands-down to Dave "dj resident" Wagz. Dave somehow managed to improve my quality of life drastically over the past week, and in a way so subtle I'm almost sure he had no clue he was doing it.

First off I got his book recomendation in the mail last week. I'd been looking for something to read lately and Dave made sure that gap was filled. The book is great so far, I'm loving the references to Boston/Allston/Cambridge and the style of writing is really creative. Although it will surely take me over 2 years to finish (the book nearly tops off at 1000 pages), I'm looking forward to it.

Next-off I got the chance to see deklab at Axis on Thursday. I've been hesitant in going to Square1, but Thursday night was a GREAT night out. Dave's set was the best hour of music I heard all weekend. Set the mood for the night with some great songs. (at one point flavanugz commented that he was sure the best song we'd hear all night was played at about 11:30) Then Dave and the deklab crew finished out with quite a party. Everyone dancing, plenty of women, exorbitant amounts of alcohol, and one very good time. Dorklab is for lovers. :makeout:

For going above and beyond the call of duty this weekend. I'm making you, Dave Wagz, my nyis4meatheads Star of the Week. Congratulations.


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if that post is gay, call me christopher lowell!

gracias, glad to help out te boston massive. make sure you read the footnotes, although i'm not gonna lie, there are a few 10 point font footnotes that'll make you throw the book down, but it's worth it believe me. not to far into the book shit starts to come together, and foster wallace gives you the historical background (via a puppet show). oh, and if you ever finish it, go back and read the first chapter again. that is all i will say for now :)

what can i say that axis came together in true deklab (r.i.p.?) fashion. thank y'all for coming out, turnout was tremendous. i've been buying all deep-ish stuff for 6 months so tagging with scott was a blast, dude has the most original shit.


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Originally posted by kaydup


Uh oh... sounds like someone's jealous that they didn't get star of the week.

don't worry, you'll get there someday. Just keep working at it. Actually, you may have gotten it last week if I had thought to give it then. I guess we'll never know...

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