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Peanut Butter Appreciation Thread

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Originally posted by solbeam

I love pb & j with a tall glass of milk...:hoparound


I love them Peanut Butter and Jelly Donuts... :drool: :drool:

I felt bad about 3 weeks ago. I raided my sisters snack cabinets and took a few of my nephews peanut butter snack things... I dont remember what they are called. But they look like those yogurt packages that you push up...

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Originally posted by iamme

Hmmmmmmmmm, now you've got me curious

PB + Banana??? Tell me more :shaky:


omg this stuff is SO good!!! just make a peanut butter sandwich and add slices bananas to it... close it up... and enjoy! :drool:

apples n pb is awesome too... the green apples ;)

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