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Listen up sexboarders...

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Originally posted by tastyt

Have a great trip Jim. Don't spare us any of the juicy details when you return!!! :D

don't you worry... juicy details there will be. stories of debauchery, excess, and all out disregard for one's personal well being.

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Originally posted by chula22

See-Ya Soon Jimbo! HAHA!

Have a safe and great trip and Have LOTSA LOTSA SEXX!!!!!!!!

That's what you have to love about vacations, there is always an endless desire for loving. You have no worries, no stresses, you just succumb to your animal instincs.

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Well how the hell is everyone!?! So I am back from vacation, and back at work... let me just say, this year I had so much more fun than last year. Probably because I knew more, knew where to get things, and what I wanted to do.

Got to London, London didn't do it for me, so that is all I am going to say about that, other than the food sucks there.

Got to Ibiza on Tuesday July 15th... went to ibiza town, got drunk, got blow, had some silly sex out on the balcony of our hotel and went to sleep...

woke up on wednesday to the sound of my girl crying... her eye was in so much pain that I took her to the Dr., she had a really bad eye infection, but after a quick treatment and some eyedrops she was good to go the next day.

Thursday, went to Pinup to see Sander Kleinenberg... what a great party, great place, good people, good tunes, good pills... it was a great place but we cut it short to go over to Amnesia. That was a great party and my first experience at that club. PVD, Tiesto, and MYNC project all together. Unbelievable.

Friday went to pure pacha to see Pete Tong and Laurent Garnier... the good thing was in Ibiza town we made friends with a few people that worked at Pacha so we were on the list everytime we went there... (big big savings since it is about 35-45 euro to get in depending on the night and we went twice, so 200 USD saved)

Saturday was a day of rest, just getting drunk and doing blow with my Italian friends from town...

Sunday... We Love Sundays at Space... I can't even begin to describe how much I love that place... the terrace is the best, the inside was great as well, we were there for about 15 hours, it was great...

Monday, back to Pacha, for Roger Sanchez's Release Yourself party, which I don't even think I have to get into how good that was...

Tuesday night, The opening of Carl Cox's space party... honestly I didn't care for this party too much, the crowd really sucked, all drunk british men, and the music was just way too hard. so we went back to town, hung out with our italian friends, got wasted and missed our flight to Barcelona the next day... it all worked out in the end after a day in the Ibiza airport on standby...

Then we hung out in Barcelona for a few days, and now I am back here... at work... not happy.

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