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Gabo's sick fetish....

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XxXccess wants to directly connect

peteAV75 is now directly connected

peteAV75: ok thats cool

peteAV75: my comp is so fast i already have it

peteAV75: i am looking at it now

peteAV75: its hot man

peteAV75: shes fuckable :hump:

(image recieved after 10 frikin minutes...his reject comp)

XxXccess: 54083gerb.bmp?6821

XxXccess: LMAO!!

XxXccess: I BET SHE IS!

peteAV75: oh fuck :eek:


peteAV75: I didnt think u were doing that

peteAV75: I hate u so much


XxXccess: LMAO

peteAV75: yea hardy har har

peteAV75: oh fuck

XxXccess: <~stomach hurts from laughing so much

peteAV75: but when I was saying that she was hot I was joking cause I was pretending that my comp was all fast and shit.

peteAV75: oh man I am so embarrassed

XxXccess: sure sure

peteAV75: hi my name is gabo and I love gerbils

peteAV75: hampsters, now thats another story


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