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comments on your accessories...


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when receiving a compliment on an accessory (ie necklace, watch, bracelet, hat etc.) from another male, do you find it odd or do you just take it for what it is??? i constantly receive compliments on certain items and certain guys im with make it a big deal or joke around about it... personally i dont give a shit, and im secure enough with my sexuality to not only receive a compliment but to give one... whats the big deal???

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...idk if it aint a big deal to ya, if youre posting about it...aint no big thang either way...unless you want it to be...sometimes i mess aroung and purposely try to work it - like my skagen watch i wore out the other night...but it's all in jest...who really gives a fuck...theyre just things...objects..like women...ahhhhhhhhhhh just kidding....:tongue:

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