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Open Bars Saturday 7/12/03?

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What's the deal on nations. I am from New York, I like the smaller lounge/club kind of atmosphere, like Dorsia or Rehab, not like an Exit or Webster Hall place. Went to 1223 last night and it was pretty decent. So I guess my question is twofold, 1 are there any open bars tonight, and two what are some other places you would recommend? Thanks

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abrooksbro - don't listen to these freaks.

if you want some info on clubbing in DC, try this thread

there are some other smaller clubs around 1223 you might like, like FIVE, Andalu, and 18th street lounge.

for more bar/lounge info try the entertainment section in the washington post

btw - the saturday night party at nation is called Velvet, which is the gay night.

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