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Hey, Reval

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I knew I read that he was a DMC champ. From xpander.nl:

Guiseppe Pappalardo, a Sicilian immigrant who married a Roman girl, had a show band in Melbourne's comfortable eastern suburbs. Showtunes, cabaret, a bit of rock n' roll, weddings, parties, 21st birthdays. Once they even cut an album of Elvis covers with the singer in a white suit. Guiseppe ran the band from the background, though, playing keyboards. In the week he worked hard running his successful tap manufacturing business, employing his son Anthony, sweetening the pill with a company car and mobile phone.

Anthony even showed signs of becoming a talented drummer so Guiseppe bought him drum lessons from one of Australia's most famous drum teacher. Anthony never did become a drummer, but he did become a DJ. At 15 he won DMC's celebrated Australian DJ championship. Throughout his teens he worked weekends as a DJ, getting Guiseppe to drive him, his mobile sound system, his party records and his light boxes to gigs all over Melbourne. At 21 Anthony Pappalardo trimmed his name to Anthony Pappa, and moved to England to make it as a DJ.

Five years later, he has played every major UK club and toured the world. But despite his obvious talents, his seamless mixing and distinctive way of weaving disparate underground grooves together; he hasn't yet reached the DJ A-list. But everyone who listens to his CD of live set is willing to chance that. Because Anthony Pappa may not be known in that A-list, but he sure does belong there…

Anthony Pappa has recently created a pure new label called NuBreed for the mother label Global Underground. If this man's name does not ring a bell make sure you listen to this masterpiece which belongs in the top 10 of best dance CD's ever created on this planet.

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Originally posted by spinsaikel

DUH! it even says so in his nubreed cd insert.

which is where I probably read ut cuz I've never heard anything about pappa anywhere else.

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